Small Business Grants

Every year the Australian government sets aside billions of dollars for the advancement of our commercial and non profit sector. The key to successfully obtaining these grants are knowing when funding is going to be allocated and promptly submitting your applications thereafter.

One of the schemes through which the government has extended support for small businesses are through the $20,000 Asset Write Off and tax cuts for businesses generating turnovers of under $50M.

Small Business Grant Initiatives

The government has also allocated up to $189.7 million over the next five years to support mature age Australians to adapt to the transitioning economy and develop the skills needed to remain in work.

These are just examples of the types of programs and incentives the government has made available to encourage growth of the startup, small and medium enterprises.

These grants and funding opportunities are made available to assist businesses to start, grow and expand their activities. Grants are not always restricted to any particular industry or sector as they are designed to help those in need of assistance.