Agriculture Grants

Agriculture grants

Grants for Agriculture and Primary Producers

Agriculture is one of the vital primary production resources in the Australian economy. It is for this compelling reason, the Australian government has focused on providing assistance and agriculture grants provisions to primary producers, farmers and other operators in the production and agriculture sector.

These types of agriculture grants are critical for the sustainability of this sector, especially during times of hardship. It is common knowledge that our primary producers and farming sector undergo periods where conditions are unfavourable to the growth of their business.

Government support for the primary production sector

Assistance is available to primary producers that are capable of developing new techniques to improve operational viability and profitability within the sector. The government has allocated over a billion dollars in the form of agriculture grants and assistance provisions to overcome the issues crippling our agriculture and primary production sector.

These grants are open for applications and can be obtained by any Australian businesses operating within this sector. Grant guidelines and criteria are provided in the program information. Contact our team of advisors if you are in this sector and seeking out assistance options available to you.

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