Australian Government Grants For Transitioning Your Business To Work From Home

Thousands of businesses have been badly affected due to the coronavirus in recent times. Business restrictions and shutdowns announced by the government have made it difficult for business owners to carry on with their activities in a normal manner. To help and support such businesses, government has announced several programs that aim to enable smooth transitioning of businesses to work from home.

Covid-19 Adaptation Program

This is a wonderful initiative by one of the state governments in Australia under which $100 million has been set aside for businesses impacted by Covid-19. First round of the program was set for businesses in urban areas, while the 2nd round is for businesses based in regional areas of the state. Businesses are being helped to go online so they can continue operations and also sustain employees. Minimum amount being disbursed under this program is $2,000 while eligible businesses can be helped with up to $10,000.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Your business must have suffered a decline of at least 30% on account of restrictions imposed by government shutdowns on 23 March 2020
  • You must have fewer than 20 employees
  • Your business must have ABN
  • Must be based in state funding the grant
  • Must be registered under GST
  • Annual turnover of the business should be over $75,000 for the last financial year

Support to Restart Your Business Affected by Covid-19

Government realises that it is not possible to run a business normally under present circumstances. This is why it is helping business owners who want to take business online and work from home. Help is available for setting up your business online and promote marketing. Tax deductions can be claimed on account of working from home. This is not all, as the government also provides support programs through search engine optimisation to reach out to large number of customers. Business owners are helped in getting a website and also in choosing various market places on the web.

Help in Transforming Your Business from Physical to Digital

Covid-19 has taught a very important lesson and that is to do your business on the web as well. Government of Victoria is providing all help and support to businesses badly affected by Covid-19 in their digital transformation. You will get invaluable advice on whether your business is digital ready and if yes, then how to make possible a smooth transition from physical to digital business. You will learn everything about the tools and software you need for doing your business online and also learn how to take payments online in a safe and secure manner. A digital expert will teach you how to market your products and services. They will also tell you how to interact with potential customers on social media and establish your product as a brand.

Above mentioned are only some of the many incentives and assistance programs sponsored by the Australian state and federal governments to encourage work from home and businesses willing to go digital. To know more about such grants, please speak to one of our advisors at the number below.

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