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Small Business Grants – Queensland

Funding for new and established businesses

Small businesses in Queensland make up a large percentage of the state’s economy. However, competition is fierce and maintaining a profit can be very challenging. The Queensland government has committed millions of dollars to help small businesses within the state grow, compete, expand and ultimately succeed. The state has chosen to help these companies through offering a variety of small business grants.

Queensland government grants may benefit small businesses in several ways. These include learning new organisational and management skills which will help to improve the success of the business and direct funding which can be used to reach goals and objectives.

Financing the Exportation of Goods and Services

Many of the small businesses in QLD have exceptional products which are capable of being sold on a global market. However, doing so is a very costly process which most of the businesses cannot afford. Business grants in Queensland are available to help companies with unique products export their goods and services outside of Australia. This will ideally help local businesses compete on a global market while strengthening the state’s economy.

Making Upgrades within the Food and Beverage Industry

The food and beverage industry in Queensland accounts for up to 30% of the state businesses. Many of these are run by outdated machines and technology, all of which emit high amounts of pollution. Through financial grants equipment and machinery can be upgraded to newer technology. Queensland government grants can also be put towards the planning and development of innovative products which will better the production, reduce emissions or improve the biodiversity. Moreover, these businesses have the opportunity to convert current sources of energy into solar or wind energy.

Grants Turn a Revolutionary Game into a Global Success

Nicole and Peter Lander are a husband and wife team and the creators of Battlefield Sports. The live combat game is revolutionary to gamers’ around the world and involves a selection of laser guns which look just like the real thing, but have no projectile. The couple has received $105,000 in QLD business grants for exporting and marketing their product overseas. Their selection of gaming guns and other equipment can now be bought in 33 countries. Mrs. Lander says the support of the QLD government grants has been one of the most valuable things for her business.

Grants for small businesses in QLD are plentiful. However, they are not all appropriate for all applicants or uses. That being said, it is important to carry out thorough research of the options available. Once an appropriate grant have been sourced, the application must be carefully filled out to make sure it details all the correct information. Taking these precautions will help small business applicants avoid any discouragement.

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