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The Victoria government is encouraging small businesses within the state to seek out grants which will further the growth and development of the company. The government aims to improve the state’s economy through the expansion of the job market and the exporting of goods and materials developed and produced by small businesses. Through this, companies will have the opportunity to compete with the international market while gaining a worldwide reputation.

Encouraging the Development of Small Businesses

Grants for small businesses in Victoria can be obtained for planning and developing a company. The funding will allow individuals who have an idea, but are unable to turn it into a reality because of financial constraints, turn their idea into a reality. In addition to this, prospective entrepreneurs may be eligible for grants which will help to lay a solid foundation through strategic planning and active marketing.

Expansion and Growth of Pre-Existing Small Businesses

Small businesses already in operation may apply for funding to continue progressive development; this includes grants to help with the expansion of the company. Whether it is a new location which will aid in the production of more goods and additional jobs or businesses looking to expand to new markets outside of Victoria, grants can be obtained.

Success Story: Australia’s First International Pen Exporter

Curtis Australia, a small business based in Victoria, hand crafts writing pens and jewellery. The company was well known throughout the country for its quality products. While the pen was constructed within the country, special materials had to be imported from outside countries. This cost Curtis Australia thousands of dollars each time they needed the materials. Due to these extensive cost constrictions, the company did not have the funds to export their fine products outside the country. Through small businesses grants from the Victoria government, the maker was able to receive funding to help import their materials which allowed them to source the necessary capital to begin their exportation of the pens and jewellery to Europe and America.

Avoiding Discouragement

Grants for small businesses in Victoria are plentiful; however, so are the individuals looking to take advantage of them. It is crucial to find the most appropriate grant which meets specific needs. Moreover, the paperwork is lengthy and must be correctly filled out with all the necessary information included. To avoid discouragement, specialised grant finders and firms set up to make sure all applications are up to the government expectations are a valuable asset. If you are ready to create your own success story through acquiring grants for your own small business, contact us today to find out how we can get you started.

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