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Small Business Grants in Western Australia


How funding can turn your business into a success 

A large part of Australia’s economy is derived from small businesses with 1-15 employees; Western Australia accounts for a large portion of these businesses. The state government has introduced several new small business grants in hopes of encouraging new start-ups, as well as, new innovations and technology conversions from current owners.

Bank Loans Vs. WA Grants

Many people head to a financial banking institution to seek small and large business loans with high interest rates. This has been a leading deterrent from those with a great idea to go forward with the development of it, and even more so, from business owners wishing to expand their current company. With the WA government grants, it has become almost completely unnecessary to take out large loans to fulfill the dream of owning or operating a business.

Accessible WA Grant Options for Small Business Development

Western Australia businesses are receiving funding through a variety of small business grants. They range from business planning and development to the expansion or improvement of current companies. The government is eager for individuals to succeed; therefore, funding is available to help with the development of a business and marketing plan, as well as, professional mentorship from partnering companies. From here, additional government grants in WA can be obtainable to develop a product, ready a brick and mortar store or create an e-commerce website.

Pre-existing companies are also strongly encouraged to apply for small business grants in WA. Funding has been made possible to make building modifications which will acquire customers or help employees with disabilities, expand the company into larger premises, reach a global market and reduce cost by covering certain import duties.

Out with the Old, In with the New

In addition to the funding resources having been made available, several of the WA grants can be used to upgrade old equipment into more productive, and sustainable, technology. Moreover, small business grants can be acquired to replace current energy sources to clean power in the form of wind, solar and geothermal.


A Cheeky Success Story

On Christmas day 2006, Paul Morris came up with a great idea, but didn’t know how to make it happen, especially with a son to take care of and very little time or money. He reached out to the WA government and applied for small business grants. Kindly enough, he was able to get full funding to help him plan his entire business while receiving monthly income to allow him to focus solely on his idea.

One year later, his idea became a reality. CheekyTeez was launched onto the World Wide Web. The site allows customers to create their very own t-shirt complete with an image or slogan. So far, CheekyTeez has been a complete success and now produces corporate products. This is not to say that Morris’s success came without any pitfalls. He says that the entire process was challenging, but accredits his mentor, provided by WA grants, to helping him understand how to develop and run his website.

Get Started on Your Own Business Venture

Grants for Western Australian businesses are currently available; however budgets set aside for them will not last forever. If you are ready to launch your own business or broaden your possibilities through business expansion, consider commencing your search for grants immediately and receive suitable assistance for your business.

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