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Most of the businesses and start ups fail and do not last long because their owners do not get the required help and support to survive and grow. Financial help is of course very important but there is a lot more than capital that is needed for small businesses to become successful in a period of cutthroat competition and constantly evolving technology. This is the reason why the Federal and some of the State Governments in Australia have initiated several programs to provide support to the small businesses in the form various packages, training sessions and assistance programs.

Inner City Business Support Victoria

If your business is located in areas like Melbourne CBD, Docklands, or Southbank, you can benefit from this support package provided by the government of Victoria. It is a hub of learning for small and medium sized businesses, which also provides all kinds of advisory support. This support program is currently open and eligible business owners can apply to get the required support. You can benefit a lot from this program as advisory session’s form experts help overcome hurdles and troubles posed by competitors. These advisory sessions provide expert guidance on matters pertaining to marketing, finance, innovation, and legal measures.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Your brick and mortar business must be located in the eligible post codes
  • Your business must have ABN
  • You must have taken part in Job keeper Payment and the number of employees in your business must be less than 50
  • The entity can be partnership, proprietorship, or a registered company

Online Training for Small Businesses in Queensland Impacted By Covid-19

A large number of small and medium sized businesses have been devastated in Australia because of Covid-19 pandemic. The government of Queensland realises the problems caused by lockdown restrictions and aims to provide help to its business owners to face and recover from the loses caused due to Covid-19. Under this program, all eligible businesses can receive free online training sessions to face the troubles caused by Covid-19 pandemic. This program is currently open and eligible businesses can apply any time they so desire. Training is given in the fields of cyber security, digital literacy, and innovation.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Your business needs to be located in Queensland
  • You must have documents to prove the authenticity of your business
  • You must be either business owner or an employee

Well-being and Mental Health Support for Victorian Small Businesses

In these times of Coronavirus pandemic, mental health has become as important as physical health for business owners. The restrictions imposed by lockdowns can create a lot of anxiety and stress in the minds of the business owners. This support program initiated by the government of Victoria is aimed at looking after the mental health and well being of small and medium sized business owners.

Eligibility Criteria

  • You must be running a business in Victoria
  • Your business must be adversely impacted by Covid-19
  • Your business must have ABN

Above mentioned are only a few of the support programs available for the small businesses in Australia. To know more about such support and assistance programs, please speak to one of our advisers at the number mentioned below.

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