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Early Childcare & Education Grants

Early Childcare and Education Sector Grants

The Australian government gives utmost importance to Education/ Early Childcare and provides numerous grants for the same in various categories. Let us first discuss some of the grants available in childcare category.


Early Childcare Grants

Australian Government provides grants to support welfare of children, especially in disadvantaged communities, under the category of special circumstances funding. This funding is available to the childcare facilities whose services are affected by unforeseen conditions and are no longer able to provide a child with full service.
Federal grants are also available to the SMEs facing financial problems and sustainability issues in the field of childcare. Such childcare facilities are also eligible to apply for a free business review and expert advice to improve their services and attain sustainability. Most of these grants are available to the facilities located in the regional areas and disadvantaged communities to reduce the barriers and provide them with access to quality childcare facilities.

Childcare grants provided should be mainly used to:

  • Support childcare without any barriers, especially in regional areas and disadvantaged communities
  • Provide sustainability support to children
  • Provide capital support to promote childcare centres in regions experiencing high demand

Australian Government has released $110 million in grants to support childcare services last year and is committed to adding an extra $4 million every year starting 2019. There are four main categories under which these grants are sanctioned. If you are in a childcare business and wish to know more about these categories and the grants for which you are eligible, please speak to one of our advisors who will be able to guide you further.

Education Grants

Education whether it is early, secondary or tertiary, is also of equal importance to the Australian Government. This is the reason why the Department of Education, in accordance with the Federal government policies, has designed various programs that offer grants to organisations or individuals that support early childcare along with childhood education, school education and higher education. Some of these grants are also available for those who provide vocational education and training.

Apart from the Federal Government supported grants, there are quite a few states that provide funding to the organisations or individuals that support early education locally. State government grants are also available for childcare facilities that are looking to expand their infrastructure and build better premises for early years’ education.

Few states are providing grants to the organisations that deliver support programs to parents having physically challenged children.

Some of these grants are exclusively devoted to organisations that deliver language programs to kindergartens.

Above mentioned are only some of the many grants that federal and state governments are providing to encourage Early Childcare and Education. If you are an organisation or an individual that promote and facilitate early childcare and education, especially in the regional areas, you may be eligible to receive one of the above mentioned grants.

For more information on the kind of grants you may be eligible for, please speak to one of our advisors who will be able to assist you further.

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