Freelancer Vs Subcontracting in Australia

Freelancer Vs Subcontracting in Australia

Are you planning to expand your workforce? Do you want to hire freelancers or subcontractors? You must know the pros and cons of each to find the ideal solution. Some believe that subcontractors and freelancers are the same.

Both are self-employed and independent workers and work with their terms and conditions. However, they are different and have some specific benefits and downsides. Once you know the difference, it will be easier to decide and hire suitable professionals to boost the productivity of your business.

Freelancer Vs Subcontracting in Australia

You can take them as the two sides of the same coin. They serve similar purposes but with different approaches. When it comes to subcontracting, the coverage will be broad.

Subcontractors can work on more than one aspect. For example, you want to build a website and need help to get the best outcome. In this situation, you can hire a subcontractor to take on this task.

A subcontractor will cover all the aspects, including web design and other aspects. The subcontractor will make your website appealing and search-engine friendly, and you can expect improved exposure.

However, you can hire a freelancer to manage one aspect of your website. A freelancer can make your website user-friendly with simple and relevant content. Some can also improve the design of your website.

Differences Between Subcontractors and Freelancers

A freelancer will work as an assistant with you. The professional will work under your supervision. Also, freelancers might use your tools for your project.

You will know what the freelancer is doing. As a result, there will be no area for confusion. A freelancer will lighten your workload under your supervision.

However, the role of a subcontractor is different. A subcontractor will work with you, but the professional will handle things outside your expertise. More importantly, subcontractors will have more freedom than freelancers.

Freelancer Vs Subcontracting in Australia - Differences

They will work with their tools, ideas, and staff. They will have their terms and conditions and work unsupervised. However, they will work with a deadline. You can check the work once completed.

Pros of Hiring Freelancers

Expertise: Freelances will have some specific skills to do a particular job. They are competent and skilled to do that job flawlessly in the given time. Therefore, you can expect the best outcome. Their unique skill makes them the best fit for a specific project.

Affordability: Affordability is another benefit of hiring freelancers. While considering this option, you will hire temporary employees. You can save on employment and healthcare benefits. However, you give these benefits to your permanent employees.

High-quality: Since freelancers get projects on a skill basis, they focus more on advanced skills to inspire their clients. Hence, you can expect high-quality and timely work with freelancers.

Cons of Hiring Freelancers

Less Control: Freelancers are not employees. Hence, you will have less control over their work. Since they will work remotely, they might experience issues, including internet connection and the absence of advanced tools. All these will impact efficiency and productivity.

Security Issues: You might experience security issues while hiring freelancers from unknown sources. They might misuse it while accessing your documents and data repositories.

Pros of Hiring Subcontractors

Fewer Legal Obligations: There will be fewer legal complications for subcontractors. Since they will work within the legal boundary, you can expect a smooth process.

Broad Coverage: Subcontractors will have expertise in many things, and you can have the best solution for any project. Instead of spending on different skills, you can hire subcontractors to complete the project within your time and budget. The entire process will be hassle-free.

Work Beyond Expertise: You can hire subcontractors when you want to work on a project outside your skillset. Subcontractors will have different skills to complete your project.

Cons of Hiring Subcontractors

Expensive: You will have to spend more on subcontractors in Australia. The cost will be even more when you want advanced skills and experience. However, you will find it less expensive than hiring permanent employees.

Lack of Supervision: Subcontractors will use their tools, staff, and expertise for your project and work without your supervision. However, they will work within your guideline and deliver on time.

These are a few benefits and downsides of hiring freelancers and subcontractors in Australia. Both will have some positives and negatives and can suit specific conditions. Hence, you ought to decide based on the requirements of your project.

What Are the Obligations?

Even if there is no legal requirement for indemnity insurance in Australia, most consider it to create a trustworthy environment and get better job offers. The insurance will protect them whenever any client sues them for negligence. 

How to Find the Best Fit

The requirements of your project will decide the best. You can double-check to ensure the professional has the desired expertise and experience to complete your project. Check the portfolio, testimonials, and qualifications. Do your research before going ahead with your decision.

You can also ask for insurance while hiring freelancers. Also, some subcontractors might have indemnity insurance. It is better to go with an insured one. The benefit is that the insurance will pay for the negligence, and you can expect a better outcome should anything happen.

While hiring any of them, focus on contracts. Make your terms and conditions extremely clear. There should not be any room for misunderstanding. Discuss everything, including expertise, deadline, fee, and other aspects.

Hiring the best professional for your project will require extensive research. Understand your unique requirements to find the best fit. Go through the qualifications, insurance, terms and conditions. Only proceed to sign if you are confident about the contract.

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