Funding For Golf Clubs

The Federal and State government have quite a few grants in place to provide funding for golf clubs. Though few of them may not necessarily be monetary grants, they still assist and encourage golf clubs as well as players by providing assistance in the form of equipment, infrastructure, players’ development, high performance programs, etc.

The Australian Golf Foundation

The Australian Golf Foundation is the national foundation for Golf in Australia. It supports Golf Australia’s vision to grow golf by investing in targeted initiatives to inspire all Australians to enjoy and play the game of golf. The organisation aims to provide financial and non-financial support for programs, activities and events that encourage participation and promote Golf as ‘a game for life.’

Funds raised are invested back into the game of golf using the following five categories under its main agenda:

  • Community Diversity and Inclusion
  • Vision 2025: The future of women and girls in golf
  • High Performance
  • Facilities of Excellence
  • Grants and Legacy programs

The Victorian Golf Foundation

The Victorian Golf Foundation makes grants from its Trust Fund to assist individuals, projects, programs and services which benefit golf. Whether you are male or female, young or old, experienced or novice, a private or public course player, low or high handicapper – the Victorian Golf Foundation promotes game for one and all. Applications for grants must be lodged and recommended via Golf Australia – Victoria.

The capital in the Victorian Golf Foundation Trust Fund is protected and cannot be spent. Grants can only be made from the annual investment earnings of the Fund. In this way, the VGF will serve Victorian golf forever. Affiliated clubs and District Associations are eligible to apply for grants in the areas listed in the application guidelines. In some instances, the VGF also supports individuals and unaffiliated organisations on a case-by-case basis.

Assistance under this program is available for:

  • junior development programs
  • scholarship assistance
  • participation initiatives
  • research projects, and
  • sports facility development

The New South Wales Golf Foundation

The New South Wales Golf Foundation is the independent body that manages grants throughout the NSW golf community. The Foundation is the philanthropic arm of Golf NSW and an independent entity with a Board of Governors. Its aim is to build and develop the sport in the State for all who play the game to ensure its strong future. Since the Foundation was established in 2001, it has provided financial support to numerous worthy causes across the golfing community of NSW.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • A current NSWGF Grant Application Form must be completed in full and lodged with the NSW Golf Foundation. This form can be downloaded at
  • Applications from clubs/organisations must be signed by the club office holders, as indicated on each application form, as confirmation that the proposed project is an initiative of the club/organisation itself and is undertaken with the full knowledge and approval of its board.
  • Each application must also be signed by a club office holder as a referee

To know more about the above grants and other assistance available to golf clubs in Australia, please speak to one of our customer advisors at the number mentioned below.

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