Funding for The Fitness Sector

Fitness sector is one of the prime sectors of Australia. Fitness centers, gymnasiums, sports centers and health clubs are the main constituents of this sector. The total investment in sports and fitness activities by the Australian Government is a whopping $1.3billion. This includes investment/grants by the state governments and territories.

In these testing times when most of these institutions were not allowed to operate, the sector has suffered a lot. Due to lack of physical activities, the health of the people deteriorated too. To bring back this sector on track, the Australian Government has taken several measures and announced a number of grants in different categories.

Sporting School Program and Women Leader in Sports Program

Each year Sports Australia receives as many as 25,000 grants from the Australian Government to support sport activities at different levels. A number of programs have been introduced such as Sporting School Program aimed at training children, Local Sporting Champions Program that helps 9,000 kids in realising their dreams and Women Leader in Sports Program exclusively for women engaged in sports.

$280 million have been allocated by the Australian Government under Sporting School Program. It is learned that more than 8000 schools have benefitted under this grant and many more are getting added to the list. Apart from sports related organizations and schools, players, coaches, family members of disabled children are also entitled for this grant.

A base grant of $500 for the players aged between 12-18 years is given. Their coaches too are eligible for this grant. An additional grant of $100 is given to players who travel for more than 800 kms and $200 is given if the candidate is travelling for any international event.

Compensation Grant Program

A grant of $320,000 is pledged by the Federal Government for four years under Compensation Grant Program starting from 2018-19 to 2021-22. This is aimed at improving the condition and training of Paralympian players.

Government funding is also available for a number of courses like Certificate III in fitness, Certificate IV in fitness and Personal trainer courses. Queensland Government allows a special subsidy to the eligible candidates for its exclusive ‘Queensland Certificate III Guarantee’ course which is again a part of Queensland’s Skill Assure program.

A fund of $70 million is allocated for a period of 7 years under the NSW Health Workers initiative which is aimed at creating a healthy environment at the workplace and proper promotion of healthcare activities.

Fitness Australia

Funds have been allocated to Fitness Australia to encourage a number of communication activities aiming all the consumers as well as fitness service providers under NSW and create a change. All those fitness businesses which are registered under NSW can apply for this grant.

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic change in a number of practices were evident all over. Some of these practices impacted the lifestyle of the people unknowingly. It is recovery time now and this is the reason why the Australian Government is taking every possible step to bring back the lifestyle and fitness sector back on track by providing grants and subsidies to this sector.

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