Grants catering to Construction and Building Industry

Grants catering to Construction and Building Industry
Government Grants for Building and Construction Sector 

You may be eligible to submit a grant application to help you with your construction projects if you manage a business and are searching for assistance required for building or expanding construction projects. The economy in Australia seems to be slowly emerging from the downturn, and the construction process appears to be reviving.

Many business owners are keen to receive grants or other forms of funding to launch their projects. Unfortunately, it can be very challenging to obtain a small business grant, especially if the grant is intended for a for-profit organisation like a construction firm. The majority of donations are granted to non-profit organisations for initiatives and offerings that assist the community.

Small Business Grants

It is a well-known fact that one of the major contributors to the Australian economy is the small business sector. They are important for generating economic revenues and opening up employment opportunities.

Small businesses are also at the forefront of developing cutting-edge products and services. The government supports these cutting-edge initiatives because they are crucial to ensure that Australia is known for its creative thinking and innovative solutions. The Australian government’s support systems are designed to give owners of small businesses the chance to benefit from assistance opportunities when necessary.

Criteria For Small Business Grants

Even though the majority of the small company grants may apply to ordinary business owners, there may also be specialised incentives for particular sectors or businesses. As a small business owner, you will need to adhere to the specific eligibility criteria and application guidelines for each of these programs. The extent of support available may be dependant on the program objectives and your eligibility.

Grants for The Construction Sector

Every year, the Australian government offers small and medium-sized business owners and start-ups a wide range of grants to help grow and expand. Depending on whether a grant is financed by the federal government or the state, different eligibility criteria may apply. This section will go over some of the grants available to people working in the building trades as well as the criteria for applying.

Building Sector Grants

For up to $50,000, some states offer grants to small and medium-sized firms to help them buy the newest equipment needed to deliver specific specialised services. Businesses must have been operating for at least three years, have an ABN, and be GST-registered to qualify for this grant.

Trade professionals can benefit from this program by:

  • Growing the company from small to medium scale business 
  • Additional assistance to take on employees
  • Being creative
  • Boosting productivity and efficiency
  • Examining new marketing opportunities

Grants From the Federal Government

If firms in the construction sector are prepared to hire individuals with physical disabilities, the federal government will provide them grants to the value of $1,500. With the support of this program, people who have physical disabilities can get the knowledge and experience needed to succeed in their future. An employer must work with a candidate who is registered with a disability employment service company for at least 13 weeks to qualify for this grant.

The federal government also offers grants that provide businesses funding of $750 to $4,000 to hire interns. An intern must have a Certificate course II, III, IV, Diploma, or Advanced Diploma for an employer to be eligible for this incentive. It is to be considered that these subsidies are given out based on a list of trades with a scarcity of skilled workers at the time the application is made.

Recruiting Workers

Small company owners may qualify for a $2,000 grant with each full-time hire in some states. Businesses should have an ABN to be approved for this program, and the new hire must work for the company for at least a year before applying. Operators in the trade industries who hire part-time employees may also be eligible for this incentive on a pro-rata basis.

Few states provide local businesses with up to $20,000 in grants when they hire young people between the ages of 15 and 24. Additionally, they can ask for up to $10,000 for hiring those who have been unemployed between 4 to 52 weeks or $15,000 for hiring those who have been unemployed for over 52 weeks. An employer must agree to continue to hire the new hires full-time and maintain solid workplace and safety ratings to qualify for this incentive.

Examples of Grants for Construction Sector

Homebuilder Grant

HomeBuilder offers grants to qualified owner-occupiers (including first-time homebuyers) who want to construct new homes, significantly renovate existing homes, or purchase off-the-plan homes or new homes.

The terms of the National Partnership Agreement signed between the respective states and the Federal government apply to the Home Builder Grant.

To prepare your proposal for submissions, the $25,000 Grant registration details and lodgement guidance and the $15,000 Grant registration details and lodgement guideline are illustrated below.

An appropriate HomeBuilder contract must have been signed before the applicant(s) can begin the multi-step process of submitting their application, with the initial submission coming after.

Any further supporting documents should be submitted via the portal once the milestones for the start of construction and payment eligibility have been satisfied.

Building a New Detached Home

To whom the grant is available:

  • A detailed contract for the construction of a new house on undeveloped property or
  • A contract for the building and installation of a new mobile or modular home on undeveloped land.

The house that will be built must be a detached dwelling.

  • It cannot be used for short-term lodging, business, or mixed uses.
  • It cannot have any other buildings’ roof or wall systems.

Land must be undeveloped.

  • Regardless of the size of the home or the land, if there is already a home on the property and it will not be demolished, you will not be qualified for the grant.
  • The grant will be awarded following the demolition of any existing structures on the property that will be removed.

Need Assistance With Your Grant Application?

Use our grant writing professional services if you have found a program and need help putting together your applications. Years of expertise in writing grant proposals for SMEs, nonprofit organisations, and councils have gone into the preparation of our grant proposals.


The grants stated above are only a few of the numerous incentives the Australian government has put up to raise the standard of living for Australians while also promoting the expansion of SMEs in the building industry.

Call us now and speak with one of our representatives if you would like to learn more about the funding opportunities available in your sector.

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