Grants for Improving Energy Efficiency

Australian government provides financial assistance in the form of grants to small and medium businesses for launching their programs for improving energy efficiency. These grants are available both at the Federal level as well as at the level of States and Territories.

Energy Efficient Communities Program

This program has been designed to help community groups and businesses for lowering their energy bills. Under this program, grants amounting to $40 million will be made available to eligible SMEs to help them in lowering their emission and energy bills. Small business owners with a turnover of less than $10 million and licensed dairy farming business owners can apply for grants under this program. Under this scheme, grants from $5,000 to $20,000 are being provided without the requirement of a guarantor. The major aim of this program is to ensure upgrade of equipment so that energy consumption can be reduced.

Eligibility Criteria: 

Dairy Farming Businesses

  • You must have ABN
  • You must own licensed cow farming business

Small Businesses

  • You must have ABN
  • Your annual turnover should be less than $10 million
  • The entity can be sole trader, partnership, co-operative, or an incorporated company

Grants from State and Territory Governments 

One of the State government has many programs to provide discounts and incentives to small business owners to reduce their energy consumption and bills.

Financial Assistance for Manufacturers

Under this program, financial assistance up to $50,000 is provided to businesses to optimize their manufacturing processes. Similarly, grants of up to $70,000 are available to businesses for equipment upgrades to improve their energy efficiency. Eligible businesses can apply until 10 August under this program.

Eligibility Criteria

  • You must have ABN
  • You must be registered under GST
  • Your manufacturing unit must be operating in the state offering the financial assistance

Financial Assistance for Energy Efficient Schemes

One of the state government funded programs offers financial assistance for implementation of energy efficient schemes. Under this initiative, energy retailers help homeowners and small businesses lower their carbon emissions and energy usage to lower their electricity bills. Participating retailers provide free or highly discounted products and services to homeowners and small business owners. These include energy saving lighting and shower heads and their installation in the premises.  Retailers also help their customers in reducing costs incurred on heating water. Consumers are also eligible for a free home energy audit under this scheme.

Eligibility Criteria

  • You must be a resident of the state offering assistance
  • You must have ABN (for business owners)

To avail benefits under this program, you can contact any participating retailer and not just the company currently supplying energy to you.

Billing and Payment Help

Government has announced help for all homeowners and businesses facing difficulties in paying their energy bills because of the negative impact of corona virus. All consumers can call their energy providers to discuss their hardship. Energy retailers will help you by offering a payment plan where you can choose a longer time for repayment or make regular small payments over a period of time. You are free from worries of disconnection once you choose a payment plan offered by your energy provider.

For more information regarding the above grants and any other assistance program, please speak to one of our advisors today.

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