Grassroots Foundation

Grassroots Foundation

The Grassroots Foundation recognises the long-term impact of child and youth welfare on the future of society. It supports charities that are working towards the health, education and empowerment of Australian children to help them become well placed individuals in society. The SCF provides a $10,000 per project per annum grant and nonprofits can apply for three projects in one calendar year, receiving a grant amount totalling $30,000 The bank may also choose to promote the successful organisation and expects co-operation in this regard.


Eligible organisations must have a current DGR status and have a bank account within Australia. Applications will be judged on long-term project impact, benefit to youth in the community and social inclusivity of the project. Some examples of prior successful candidates include:

  • Academy of Science – for PrimaryConnections – an innovative, inquiry based program committed to improving science learning outcomes in primary school children.
  • Beryl Women Inc – for Tech Backpack – a technology project that enables children experiencing homelessness or domestic violence to access educational services.
  • Camp Quality Limited – for ACT Kids camp – a service that enables children undergoing hospital cancer treatment to attend a recreational camp.

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