Mental Health Support For Business Owners

Rewards of running a business come with a heavy cost. Australian government realises the mental health challenges faced by business owners because of all the stressful situations they go through. This is the reason why government tries to provide all help and support to business owners in making their workplaces mentally safe. These measures for mental health support have intensified since the outbreak of the pandemic Covid-19.

Ahead for Business

Ahead for Business is an organisation funded by the Australian government. It has been set up to support the mental health of small business owners and their employees across the country. It makes available resources and customised action plans for business owners feeling stressed out and suffering from symptoms of anxiety and depression. With help and support of Ahead for Business, business owners and their employees can take action for their better mental health. By sharing their experiences and receiving messages from other members in the form of blogs, videos, podcasts, and case studies, thousands of Australian business owners and their employees have benefitted from Ahead for Business.

Coronavirus Mental Wellbeing Support Service

Beyond Blue, a mental health and wellbeing support organisation funded by the government of Australia, provides free counselling to small business owners for their mental wellbeing. You can chat or talk directly to qualified and trained counsellors to receive information, advice, and plans to reduce stress and anxiety arising from your business. In addition to phone and chat support, you can also become a member of the online forum to share your experiences and get help and support from other members.

Heads Up

Have you lost your job or experiencing a massive decline in your sales and profits in your business after Covid-19 that has resulted in mental health issues for you? If yes, then you can receive help and support from this page dedicated to the mental health and wellbeing of business owners and their employees. This program gives you authentic information about the physical and psychological symptoms of anxiety, stress, and depression and easy and practical ways of dealing with them. By reading the information provided by Beyond Blue, you will learn how to keep your head high in difficult times and improve your mental wellbeing.

Additional Covid-19 mental health support

Australian government is giving 10 additional subsidised psychological therapy sessions to people to cope with the negative impacts of Covid-19 on their mental health. If you live in an area subjected to restrictions in the wake of 2nd wave of Coronavirus, you can make use of these 10 sessions if you have used up your 10 sessions and feel the need for counseling and guidance from qualified psychiatrists, psychologists, and GPs. If you are a business owner living in an area subject to these restrictions and undergoing mental health treatment, you are eligible for these therapy sessions. This program was announced on 7th of August 2020 and it will remain in effect till 31st of March 2021.

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