Small Business Grants Information

Small Business Grants

Small Business Grants Information

It is a widely accepted fact that the small business sector is one of the largest contributors to the Australian economy. They play a very vital role in terms of generating economic revenue and creating numerous employment opportunities.

The small business sector is also on the forefront of creating innovative products and advanced solutions. The government provides support to these innovative projects, as they are instrumental in ensuring Australia is recognised globally for creative and innovative solutions.

The support systems deployed by the Australian government focuses on allowing small business owners the opportunity to take advantage of assistance programs where needed.

Small Business Grants Australia
Small Business Grants Criteria

Whilst the vast majority of small business grants may apply to common business owners, there can also be specific grants to cater specific industries or sectors. Each of these programs will have their unique set of selection criteria and application instructions that as a small business owner you will need to follow. The level of assistance accessible may also be dependent on your type of business and the impact it can create to our economy.


For more information on the eligibility criteria, application guidelines and types of small business assistance programs available please speak to our team of advisors who will be able to guide you in the right direction.

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