Small Business Grants Victoria

Business Grants in Victoria

There are a wide variety of programs from which people can obtain financial aid, small business grants, and loans through the government of Victoria.

R&D Cash Flow Loans

These loans are geared toward investment in research and development for Victoria state’s future.  This program offers loans at low-interest rates through the Treasury Corporation of Victor for twelve to twenty-eight with capped funding of $50 million for small and medium size enterprises with loans between $¼ million and $4 million (Australian dollars).  Of course, applicants must meet all the eligibility requirements.

Venture Growth Fund

The state government had given $25 million to finance this fund for a high growth startup with credit between $50,000 and $5 million (Australian dollars).  The state government used venture credit to permit startups to use debt to fund these companies.

Young Farmers Scholarship Program.

This program provides up to $10,000, of which $5,000 can be used for training or education, and an additional $5,000 can be awarded upon completing that training or education.  The Young Farmers Scholarship Program is designed for young farmers to advance in their professional careers and invest in their farms.

The Small Business Digital Adaptation Program.

This program gives $1,200 rebates to build small business digital abilities and eligible business can use the rebate to obtain necessary digital business management tool during a 12- month period. 

Ready for Growth.

Ready for growth is designed to held businesses in Victoria with the potential for high growth and it provides advisory services tailored to the needs of these businesses. 

VIC Digital Adaptation Grant

Small Business Ventilation Program – Ventilation Rebate.

This program is designed to undertake immediate improvements for air purification and ventilation.  A $500 rebate is provided towards employing a tradesperson to complete minor servicing and/or purchasing of air purifiers

Small Business Ventilation Program – Ventilation Grant.

This program is designed for small businesses who hire staff to purchase equipment and services to improve air ventilation.  These are matching grants from $1,000 to $5,000 used when these small businesses work on large projects

Get Active Kids Voucher Program.

This program provides help for children engaged in recreation and sports activities with up to $200 to offset costs and fees. 

Regional Jobs Fund.

This program supports projects to help create jobs in various technologies and professional services.  The program is funded by the Victorian Government to businesses planning to expand and develop operations in Victoria on infrastructure which will provide jobs and investments.

Small Business Energy Saver Program.

Through this program, small businesses will receive $5,000,000 in bonus when they upgrade to solutions which are energy-efficient, so they can save 85% of the price of full installation to more efficient models.

Partners in Wellbeing Helpline.

This is an ongoing program, which is free and provides coaching.

Wellbeing and Mental Health Support for Victorian Small Businesses.

This ongoing program provides mental health support for those who are trying to run small businesses in Victoria.

VIC Business Recovery Advisory Service

Business Recovery Advisory Service.

This ongoing program is for business owners in North East Victoria, Wellington, and East Gippsland with individual sessions with a business recovery adviser.

Jobs Victoria Fund.

This ongoing program provides wage subsidies for eligible jobseekers and up to $20,000 is available to enterprises, organizations, social traders, and businesses.

Manufacturing and Industry Development Fund.

This ongoing program assists businesses in Victoria to increase employment as they expand, as the Fund spurs economic recovery.

East and Central Gippsland Drought Small Business Support.

This ongoing program is for farms and related businesses impacted by the drought in these areas.  It provides counselling and a financial allowance to these businesses.

Business Recovery and Resilience Mentoring.

This ongoing program provides 4 two-hour free mentoring sessions over a 3-month period to assist small businesses get the challenges associated with the pandemic.

Advancing Victorian Manufacturing.

This is an ongoing program to support the state’s manufacturing businesses in international competition.  The program is run in partnership with the Swinburne University of Technology.

Advancing Victorian Manufacturing.

Bushfire Emergency Response Grant to Assist Indigenous Corporations.

The Indigenous Land and Sea Corporation ongoing grant is designed to help indigenous corporations impacted by the drought in the Wellington and East Gippsland shires so that recipients can secure and clean up their properties.  Those eligible can receive up to $20,000.

New Energy Technologies.

This is an ongoing Victoria Government program in which $20 million was earmarked to assist projects in Victoria towards the creation of long-term sustainable employment, increasing innovation, renewable energy, while reducing the amount of greenhouse gas.

Victoria-Israel Trade Missions (VISTRADE).

This ongoing program runs in conjunction with the Israel Trade Missions, specifically with the Australia-Israel Chamber of Commerce.

The Victoria-Israel Science Innovation and Technology Scheme (VISITS).

This ongoing program provides opportunities and grants to organisations in Israel on mutually beneficial projects.  Recipients can receive up to $250,000 in funding.

If you are a resident or a business owner in Victoria, you will find that the government has multiple grant programs on offer and there are non-governmental programs to help your business succeed and help you get through the challenges associated with Covid-19.  If you are a resident of or have a business in another state, you should apply for grants within that state.  These programs are similar and you should check the specific expiration dates as they are designed to help businesses and impacted individuals get through the economic challenges which have been made more difficult during Covid-19. Call our helpline on 1300-005- 999 for more information on grants and assistance programs.

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