Success Stories

Listed below are a few examples of startup and existing businesses that have successfully secured grants and funding programs for their business. 

StartupVICUpgrading their website for mobile users plus business management consulting & mentoring for the owner. $12,500
Business ExpansionVICRetail store which wanted to integrate a virtual fitting room on their website.$5,500
StartupVICThe establishment of a city tour business specialising in vintage stores and alternative sites.$23,750
StartupVICThe partnership of an architect and engineer in starting their bespoke furniture business.$17,600
Business ExpansionVIC​The establishment of a new cattery in Melbourne.$21,200
StartupVICOpening a education / training facility for life philosophy, café and retail bookshop.$10,000
StartupVICThe formation of a new bar and escape room venue. Where teams solve a course of challenging puzzles in order to escape from their chosen themed room.$21,100
Business ExpansionVIC​The creation of an all-natural hypoallergenic grain-free dog food product, to complement the current pet grooming range.$30,000
Business ExpansionSAExpansion with the sole intention of creating 80+ jobs within their brewery facility & bar.$350,000
Business ExpansionQLDDeveloping a document management system.$22,000
Business ExpansionQLDRefurbishment of all the children's toilet's with modern, hygienic and accessible facilities.$17,000
Business ExpansionQLDMarketing Advice & Consulting.$3,500
Business ExpansionQLDConsulting & Support.$3,500
Business ExpansionQLDProfessional advice and support.$3,500
Business ExpansionNSWSupport entrepreneurs to scale their businesses globally.$500,000
Business ExpansionWAAutomatic lighting upgrade throughout the hotel.$10,000
Business ExpansionWAEstablishment of a live music alfresco area.$10,000
Business ExpansionQLDAssisting clients with managing funds, insurance, superannuation, investment strategies and retirement planning.$100,000
StartupQLDCreating & developing a system that helps users find Carers in their local area.$100,000
Business ExpansionQLDCreating a system that allows businesses to accept instant PayPal, Visa, Amex, MasterCard payments, track payments in real-time.$100,000
Business ExpansionTASInvestment in modernising the golf course's irrigation system.$73,000
Business ExpansionTASHemp seed processing facility, funding for construction of a dedicated building, fit-out, and the purchase and installation of machinery.$405,000
Business ExpansionNSWFunding to be spent on development & expansion.$10,000
Business ExpansionNSWFunding to be spent on research and development.$10,000
StartupNSWDeveloping a document management system.$5,500
Business ExpansionNSWJob creation project.$82,500

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