Women in Business

Australian government realises the important role played by women entrepreneurs in the economy of the country. Women in business tend to generate lots of employment opportunities and also revenue for the government. To give more encouragement to businesswomen and to facilitate their dreams, the federal and state governments have initiated several funding incentives. Women can take advantage of these funding incentives to set up or to expand their businesses.

Support for Women in Business – New South Wales

‘Women in Business’ is an initiative of the government of NSW that aims to help female entrepreneurs in establishing a new business or to run it without any difficulty. The scheme is strictly for women entrepreneurs living or working in NSW. Under this online program, eligible candidates will receive all help they need to set up or grow their businesses.

Eligibility criteria:

  • You must be a female
  • Your age must be over 18
  • The business must be established in NSW
  • It must have less than 199 employees
  • The entity must have ABN

The program is open and you can apply at any time you so desire.

Boosting Female Founders Initiative 

This funding incentive for female start-up owners is meant to help them take their businesses to newer markets around the country and international markets. This scheme is aimed at removing hurdles in obtaining finance for the growth and expansion of start-ups run by females. Under this initiative, female owned start-ups can receive grants of $25,000 to $480,000 to take their business to national and international markets.

Eligibility criteria:

  • Your business must be majority owned by females
  • The entity must be registered under ABN
  • Your entity may be sole trader or partnership but it must be incorporated in Australia

Victorian Women in International Business

One of the Victorian state government sponsored programs aims to support women who have been exporting for over three years and want to strengthen their skills and take their business to the next level. It focuses strongly on professional development by providing participants with tools to help them deal effectively with the challenges of conducting business internationally.

Eligibility criteria:

  • Be headquartered in the state, or have significant operations in the state or can demonstrate a significant contribution to the state’s exports and jobs
  • Be currently exporting with a minimum of three years exporting experience
  • Have product or service that is intended to be exported from the state
  • Currently operating a business
  • Have potential to grow in revenue
  • Be a female leader within the company

Above mentioned grants are only some of the many incentives the Australian Government provides for women in business. To know more about such grants please speak to one of our advisers at the number mentioned below.

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